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My Ouija Board Story

My Ouija board story began at age 15 in the basement of my best friend Rob in Newington Connecticut.

Me and some friends acquired a Ouija Board and wanted to see if there was any truth to it being able to contact the spiritual world.

I tried the Ouija board with my friend Paul. We both held our fingers softly on the marker and I called out the questions out loud into the room. “Can you hear us” I called. nothing happened the marker did not move on the Ouija Board. Again I called “Can you hear us” nothing.

I decided to try one more time with a different friend named Rob. Rob and I held our hands softly over the marker. I called out  “Can you hear us”. Immediately the marker started doing a figure 8 over the entire board over and over about 6-10 times. I asked my friend are you doing that? He as surprised as me said no.

I called “What is your name?” the board replied with a mans name I prefer not to share as it brings chills to me and I do not wan’t to stir anything up again.

I called “What is your age” the board marker wen’t over the number 0. Which led me to believe whatever we were speaking with was never human therefore had no Human age.

After asking several questions the Board spelled something out without being questioned. The Ouija board spelled out


I spoke into the room “Why Not?”

The marker began to move again spelling out


I turned to Rob and asked what is TYRANT?

Rob replied I have no idea.  I was like I don’t know either lets go look it up.

We left the board and went upstairs to the dictionary to look up the word that neither one of us knew the definition of and didn’t even know if it was going to be a word.

I opened the dictionary and to Our surprise “TYRANT” was a word. the definition was as follows.


We never touched the Board Again

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