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Hello everyone I’m Paul. I recently applied for the internet Assessor position at Lionbridge. After reading the guidelines over a couple times. I began to do 200-300 of the practice data.

Around a week later I was told I can take the EXAM. On the first exam I did not do very well and only got 60 percent. They do give you 3 shots at taking the Lionbridge EXAM.

On exam number 2 I scored 78 percent and was very pleased and figured that was a passing grade for sure because when I got the 60 on the first one they said I had marginally failed.

Anyway 48 hours later I was told I had marginally failed again. Seems kind of strange that 60 percent was a marginal fail and 78 percent was also a marginal fail?

Well I went on to take the third EXAM for the Lionbridge Internet Assessor position and scored a 79. I was thinking maybe they needed all 3 to get an average.

48 hours later I was told I did not pass the EXAM. A lot of the questions are based upon personal opinion and can never be 100 percent accurate so being in the 70+ percentile should certainly be passing.

I am a web developer and involved in SEO with 100’s of websites and found many of the Lionbridge EXAM answers to be totally wrong and off base.

Seems the whole point is to  put a human eye on the search but it seems they wan’t humans to be robots which defeats that purpose.


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  1. Jean Griffen

    Hey Paul – At least I don’t feel so stupid now! I completely agree with your assessment of the Lionbridge assessment exam! It’s based on personal opinion and depending on your education, experiences, and level of research on the Internet – you are going to have wildly different ratings. How do people pass this thing?

    I’m deliberating if the $14.50 per hour is worth the effort it takes to fill out all their paperwork and take the theory exam and the rating exam. I think they get a bunch of hopefuls to take their rating exam and in actuality they are using our test answers to complete their real rating jobs! And not paying anybody anything!

    I was really wondering where you were able to get your scores? They didn’t send me a score so I haven’t been able to get any idea if I was close or not. And are they looking for a 80% “passing” rate?

  2. paul

    Jean ,

    You can see your scores by viewing the Report area of the EXAM/PRACTICE Data portal.

    do your 50 questions then come back 10 minutes later and view the report it will tell you your percentage.

    not sure if 80 percent is a passing rate they would not tell me but I can tell you 78 percent was not enough for me.

    I do know they do have employees a friend of mine has been working for them for years


  3. Jean Griffen

    The exam I took had 144 queries. Is this the same exam you took?

    • elif

      why would happy raters be rihscaeng for Lionbridge scam? I’ve used search engines and the sort for the last 10 years constantly, before google even existed and am probably more qualified with technology then 90% of the people working as lionbridge raters, not to toot my own horn. But, even when i tried my hardest giving good comments and precise ratings, i always ended up getting a 3 stars, i cant fathom what someone needs to do to get 4 or 5 stars. The reason i came across this blog is because of their support and how unprofessional they are. They really piss me off, it’s like talking to a wall. I had time sheet issues and spoke to a service rep or whatever you want to call them. Told them my problem, they told me to do so and so, so they can have it on file. Then a week later i get their bullshit generic emails about productivity and time sheets. Like my conversation with them never happened. It’s fucking mind boggling, its like the generic responses you get from big companies when a customer makes an inquiry, and even those are better. The fact of the matter is, your are working for them you should have support, real support even if it’s through email, you should be able to talk to a person and get proper support. Not feel like you are talking to robots. But again if you need money and want a flexible job where you can work from home or anywhere it’s a descent job for $14.50/hr. Work and try to stay on the program as long as you can. Just a heads up their productivity guidelines are pretty outrages in most categories. For example they want you to rate 20 websites on each side, most the same, and write which side is better and give reasons as to why, in 7 minutes. Meanwhile it takes at least 1 minute to open the link let the slow website load since most of the sites you rate are crap, review it, then move on to the next. I read somewhere that being a google rater was alot better by ten fold, but i think google just outsourced it to lionbridge. Anyway good luck.

  4. paul


    The EXAM should be only 50 you may be talking about practice data? or the survey before you get to the practice portal.

    Are you taking the EXAM via the HRS toolbar?

  5. Jean Griffen

    APPEARS TO BE TWO DIFFERENT EXAMS, I GUESS FOR TWO DIFFERENT JOBS! This job is to a “Rater.” And as soon as I “failed” the exam, they discontinued my access to the exam module. I don’t think it had a “review” area to view your scores. It honestly takes about 10 hours to study and take the exam. Extracts from their email:

    Welcome to the Lionbridge Rating Program Exam!

    There are two parts to this exam:

    1. Part I a theoretical exam
    2. Part II a practical exam

    Part I – an “open book” type test with 32 multiple choice questions

    Only candidates who pass Part I gain access to Part II and the documents and information related to it. You will be notified automatically via your Gmail account if you have passed or failed Part I. If you pass you can start Part II immediately.

    4. Part II of the exam is very similar to the actual rating process and is performed on the rating console, EWOQ. It consists of 144 Tasks, queries with results which must be rated.

  6. paul

    what was the title of position you applied for?

    this was for Internet Assessor (Search Relevance)

  7. Trung

    I ‘ve applied for the post Internet Assessor .Then i received an email same as Mr.Jean Griffen ‘s one .I check my answer very carefully and i took 2 days to complete the partI : 32 multichoice question .I ,m sure that at least 80% my answer is correct .But the result is fail .The Lionbridge reply “We appreciate your efforts and we hope you understand that we cannot give individual feedback on exam results.” So i think there is some dubious thing here.

  8. Berry

    If it seems too good to be true it probably is. This company is desperate for money, cutting pay, making employees to under-report their time or be fired, so that it ends up being minimum wage. I would not put it past them AT ALL to use their many thousands of hopeful applicants to complete real rating jobs for free labor.

    Look at it like this- if I was going to get people to work for my company for free, how would I go about it? Well, first I would advertise all over the internet and craigslist to get as many applicants as possible. Then I would make sure I kept on enough real employees so no one becomes suspicious. In order to make sure that the applicants do a good job I would give them a pre-test first to make sure they understood the material before I had them log on and did 10 hours of free work. Then I would tell them they did not pass, and move on to the next applicant. 10 hours of free work from each applicant. That’s hundreds of thousands hours of free work people!

  9. Just took the test

    Hi Paul,
    I wish I would have found this before taking the test. Looks like I took the same one you did (HRS) and based on my own tracking, I scored around 60%. Sounds like I’ll be re-taking. The sad thing is that my 62 year old mother is a rater for them, though her system is slightly different. She passed the test on the first try! Not to slam my mom, but I grew up online!

    One thing I’ve found multiple times is that the examples in the guidelines don’t always match the EXACT query and LP on the test & in the practice data. I always call them on it, siting the page in the guidelines, but who knows if they correct me, or if it’s a test to see if I’m paying attention.

    I still haven’t decided if I’m going to keep trying. I need the money, but have spent hours upon hours studying and finding so many inconsistencies that just don’t add up.

    • paul

      This does not surprise me I am an SEO expert and Web Developer. It seems the more you know the less chance of scoring good on the test that is made by people who do not go so deep in the analyses of the pages.

      Not sure why Bing or Google would want to make their search quality worse.

      The best this type of rating will do is filter out 404 pages won’t load and detrimental pages.

      I believe the test in the past was much easier to pass than this one.. On this test you MUST think just like the under qualified person who wrote the test does. which is crazy


  10. best

    I took the exam few days back did not pass the part one but i think i did every thing i should do to pass the exam is it possible to take the exam again because i need this job. help please.

  11. Just took the test

    Just took my second attempt. I didn’t study at all because I figured that it’s pretty useless anyway. I actually did better according to my calculations- 74%, but according to Paul’s experience, I still won’t pass. There were at least two instances where I KNOW my answer was “correct”. I did put some snarky comments in the “appeal” box because they can’t expect me to be accurate if they’re not!
    I was REALLY tempted to just blow it and see if 20% is a “marginal” fail! I’m not sure I want to work for a company like this. I talked to my mother today and she’s told me that once you get in YOU are rated every month. She got a low rating & they’re telling her to study more and do the webinars. She thinks she might have been fired, but hasn’t gotten the email yet. She’s done every webinar! She also says that between the studying and webinars, she’s working more like 20-25 hours per week to get paid for 10 hours.
    One more thing is that I’ve learned there are at least two exams- the Bing and the Google. The Bing one is 50 questions and you get three chances. Google is 150ish and from what I understand, it’s one shot. From what it sounds like based on other message boards, the Google one is much easier to pass.

  12. John

    Hello Paul

    You said:
    “The list of practice data with answer is from the actual EXAM and contains 126 Search Queries.”

    can you publish the document? or is it secret, you want to keep if only for you.

    You can also send it to me y email:

  13. Germy

    Hello, I’m an information engineer in Italy joined to LB from late February 2012 to make soma extra money from my main job.
    I thought that all the recruiting procedure would identify LB as a good opportunity to make home work, but at the moment I’m a bit doubtful. I explain why.
    First month evaluated (March), everything’s fine, 3 stars. I thought “well, that’s ok, at least I have minimum requirements, and being the first month, I could improve it”. As I read from official website, Star Score is calculated by a combination of the following:
    – The accuracy of rating across ALL task types.
    – The participation in quality improvement activities (e.g. attendance of Webinars to which you have been invited, taking online quizzes, viewing Video Tutorials etc…).
    So I tried to improve during April my rating quality deepening (and slowing) my page overview and attending all webinars.
    My timesheet were always approved also because even if I need more time to complete task, I mantain myself near to TPH to avoid problems.
    I thought to have done a good job because:
    – I make quite detailed comments when required (and sometimes also when optional)
    – In almost 95% of controversial between raters in URL rating (unresolved tasks), Moderator gave right to me
    In conclusion, I had no negative elements.
    A week ago I had URL feedback for April month and I noticed that some “orange” values (e.g negative fb) were for “released” tasks, so I wrote an email to the proper contact for this reason and to ask another thing. I had no answer until now.
    At the moment, I still had no SxS feedback, even I made more of those tasks.
    Yesterday evening, I open my quality page and… ta da! 2 stars score!!
    OMG… I was in panic… I didn’t understand for what reason, so I immediately wrote to the quality contact to ask details about it. I still have no answer.
    I’m a bit angry for this, because I have no elements in hand to justify this negative rate.
    In everyday life, when you have a job, your responsible evaluates your work and tell you if you’re going good/bad. But when you go bad, he tells you why, giving you the possibility to apply fixes to your making. In LB it seems it’s not so, I mean, I have 2 Stars scores, but I don’t know why! And worse, I thought to go better, to have maybe 4 stars, not the half!
    After this, I landed on this page, and I noticed I’m not the only to have received the same treatment.
    I still work for LB, but I don’t know when they’ll fire me, I suppose soon.
    I’ll take you updated on this situation.

  14. New Assessor?

    I’ve just received the consulting agreement after which I supposedly need to take the test, so decided to make some research (didn’t like the Search waiver much). First thing I found is that many are reporting being paid $14.50/h, which is not a fortune, but they just offered me $8.18 (need to say, I’m in Argentina, well-know for “cheap and unskilled” workforce).
    I know that is what they’re offering here, and I don’t mean to be picky, but considering the current taxes here for the simply fact of getting money from abroad and that I’m a full time IT worker, I’m not so sure that I really need this…
    Time is money.. and and mine is worth more than $8.18/h.